Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product line spotlight: hosie naturals

So often it takes a pregnancy for us to wake up to what's in our conventionally manufactured skin and health products. I know that was true for me. And the thought of making over the contents of my medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers was completely overwhelming--especially in light of everything else that a new pregnant mother finds herself impelled to learn. But I also knew I wanted the products in my home to be safe for my baby--that's part of the reason I chose cloth diapers, after all.

If you've ever made an appointment with an eLeMeNO-Pee representative, you know that we carry a highly effective cloth diaper-safe diaper rash remedy called Butt Balm by hosie naturals, and we also carry hosie naturals' concentrated Wipe Solution (think the "wet" part of a wet wipe) to be used with cloth wipes.

But did you know that hosie naturals is so much more than that?

hosie naturals is: Scar care, headache remedy, tingly lip balm, menopause support, and so much more!

Kari Feucht, the mom-trepreneur behind hosie naturals, has a degree in skincare and is also certified to work with herbs. Her creations run the gamut from basic skincare to herbal medicine.

Belly butter ingredients: whipped perfection.
Belly butter to prevent stretch marks and improve the look, feel, and moisture level of your skin during pregnancy? She's got that. (Hint: let your man know it's fabulous on the feet during one of those third-trimester, pregnant-wife-pampering massages. It also smells like a cookie.)

Scar care to aid in healing after a c-section or other surgery? Check.

Peri care for the postpartum mother, teething balm (to be used on the outside of the cheeks) for the fussy baby, baby butter for baby massage, makeup remover/ facial cleanser? Luxurious coconut scrub exfoliant? Tingly lip balm that comes in either a convenient stick or the more traditional dip-your-finger-in-the-pot form? She's got all that, too.

And it's all organic plant-based. No chemicals. Nothing you'll find getting a bad rap on the Skin Deep database.

Perhaps the most unique of all of Kari's creations, the Love Your Labor birthing oil is my Number One choice of baby gift when I have a friend who's expecting. Now, I'm admittedly part of those earth mama, no pain med-taking, prenatal yoga-doing, moo-like-a-cow-and-sway-to-you-and-your-baby's-harmonious-biorhythm natural childbirth circles. It's not unusual, for example, to hear a pregnant mama in my friend group say she's considering a lotus birth. But I've seen this stuff in action in your average induction-in-a-hospital setting, and the results are the same for so many women: many of us who've used it during labor never knew that we were in active labor.
How is that possible, you ask? Beats me, but Kari from hosie naturals sure seems to know. The ingredients (pictured above) are a (to me) magical combination of uterus-toning and mind-and-body-relaxing herbs and oils, so while it's aiding in your labor's steady progression, it's also keeping your mind clear and focused and helping your body to relax and breathe through contractions. I know three doulas and one birth center who keep this "birth potion" on-hand for their clients. Personally, I think it's eLeMeNO-Pee's best-kept secret. I'm wondering why hospitals don't stock it!

If you've never delved into the world of organic skincare, hosie naturals is the perfect place to start. A work-at-home mother who's built a business that started on her Jeanerette, La. kitchen table into a successful storefront with retailers all over the southern United States, Kari from hosie naturals is committed to creating mother-and-baby skincare and herbal support products that are both affordable and a pleasure to use.

New products are introduced only once their "recipes" are perfected, however, so know that anything you try has been tested repeatedly for safety and efficacy (just not on animals!). And, while you can't find any of it at your local drugstore, hosie naturals organic skincare products are always available through our Web site or through your local eLeMeNO-Pee representative.


  1. We love Hosie Naturals. We use the Butt Balm, Wipe solution and the Headache balm. My husband like the butt balm for after he shaves to soothe his skin.

  2. Like using the butt balm foe my grandson