Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We salute you, Ms. Work-at-Home-Mom!

Inspired by real moms.

If you've ever...

  • Pulled an all-nighter to knit, sew, glue, paint, bedazzle, applique, smock, blog, transcribe, re-touch, package, or list items for sale before jumping right into cooking breakfast, packing lunches, quizzing on spelling words, and throwing in that first load of morning laundry,
  • Scheduled your day down to the minute, only to replace "shower," "brush my own teeth," and "get a haircut," with "WORK,"
  • Had to wash baby puke off a nearly finished quilt before the craft show tomorrow,
  • Crafted five perfect sparkly bows and matching tutus, hand-embellished four prefolds to create chic burp cloths, knitted three tiny newborn beanies, filed two blog posts, or submitted one huge online order to your distributor... while sitting in the school pick-up line,
  • Supported your family for any length of time through your own unique combination of talent, hard work, flexibility, faith, and foolhardiness,
  • Had to explain to a fellow PTA mom exactly what a "HyenaCart" is,
  • Written a Netflix subscription off as a business/childcare expense,
  • Made a meal plan that included "peanut butter and jelly" on five different types of carriers: sandwich bread, tortillas, apple slices, celery sticks, and, what the heck?, by Friday, fingers will do,
  • Knitted, crocheted, or stitched like mad to complete an order from the bleachers at the ballpark, cheering on an older child and wearing a younger one,
  • Had to refund an order because the one time you forgot to purchase postal insurance was the one time a package was lost in transit,
  • Named a business after one of your children--or one of your children's embarrassing nicknames,
  • Jumped up and down, twisted and shouted, and gathered your kids in their varying levels of enthusiasm into the room with you to joyfully announce your first sale!
  • Answered a 2 am e-mail about where the raw materials for Michael Miller fabrics are sourced, 
  • Wished that, for just one day, you could put on a business suit (instead of yoga pants and a t-shirt) and drive off for your 8-5 with lunch out (instead of your 'round-the-clock with vertically challenged but ever-energetic colleagues eager for mac'n'cheese... again) in a company sedan (instead of your swagger wagon),
  • Caught your kid playing on your phone--pretending to be you--taking an order,  
  • Been told that your "foreign accent comprehension" is exceptional (this one's for the medical transcriptionists!),
  • Felt like you finally had the hang of the work-husband-kids-house-personal time balance only to hear yourself telling your husband, "Let's have another baby!"
  • Felt a little shady for giving your card to a mom you met while you were hiding unsafe baby carriers at the backs of shelves at Babies R Us,
  • Allowed a fingerpaint mural on your driveway just so you could finally get that Mother's Day blog post written (ahem)...

Naturally, a WAHM road is a pretty one.
If you've ever been there--or anywhere else that this WAHM road leads--then we salute you in a special way this Mother's Day!
The modern cloth diaper industry began as a network of Work-at-Home Moms, and eLeMeNO-Pee began as a one-woman WAHM business endeavor when our founder's husband was laid off from his job. We salute these industry foremothers. We salute our WAHM vendors--and our "big" vendors who began as WAHMs. We salute our consultants, many of whom work from home supporting multiple business endeavors, and some of whom work from home for eLeMeNO-Pee and work outside of the home as well! We salute our clients who have their own WAHM businesses. We salute everyone who supports and promotes WAHM businesses, and we salute every woman who provides for her family from home--in phenomenal ways and in small, but always helpful ways--using her own talents, time, creativity, and people skills.

Fill in the blank: You might be a WAHM if you've ever _______________________.

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