Thursday, April 12, 2012

gDiapers: So THAT'S what the 'g' is for!

Confession: eLeMeNO-Pee has carried them for more than a year now, but I've never tried gDiapers. I've never even tried them on one of my babies. In all honesty, until today, I'd never even seen them on a real, live (non-photographed) baby!
gDiapers always has such beautiful photography, though!

Three years ago, when I was exploring the idea of cloth diapering, I asked my friends about gDiapers on Facebook. I didn't get any good feedback, so I didn't explore them further.

Last fall, I even tried to convince Allison and Todd (who know me by now, and know that I'm prone to giving unsolicited advice, and who graciously appear to listen when I launch into a spiel) in the home office that there was no reason to keep them in our product line, because they, truthfully, weren't much of a hit with our clients.

Enter Jessica.

Jessica is one of our brand new reps, and she's located here in Lake Charles--she works out of the home office!

Jessica is bright and funny and just a fun person to work with and be around. She's also an expert on gDiapers. I got to see her in action one day, and we'll just say that, at check-out, I was just as excited as the client about her new stash of g's.

I'm going to let the gExpert's words take over from here.
I just really love everything about gDiapers. I first fell in love with the design--how the gPants have such a trim fit. I love that the gPants can be reused throughout the day, because it makes it easier to coordinate outfits with the fluffy bum. I love the flexibility of using cloth or disposable (and being able to compost, flush, or toss the gRefills). I love the 'gBreathe technology' that makes them more breathable than many other diapers on the market.
For many of us 'gMums,' 'g' is more than a product; it's a lifestyle. The company goes by the philosophy of Fair Dinkum: an Australian term that means 'genuine with everyone.' So, 'g' stands for 'genuine,' but it also stands for green, groovy, grateful, or whatever else it might mean to you!
The gDiapers headquarters is based out of Portland, Ore., but when the gTeam travels around the country for business, they reach out to their fans and try to meet with as many as they can by hosting gTeas. Actually, when several gMums from around the country decided they were going to take a trip to Portland for one of the company's local gTeas, gHeadquarters created a big event for them that included a tour of the city, taking them out to dinner, and even a gSleepover! I've never heard of any other company giving that kind of personal attention to their customers.
One misconception I had about gDiapers is that using them wasn't really for families who were using cloth to save money--I thought they were just about having a green disposable option that was also cuter and more breathable than a conventional disposable all-in-one. But Jessica set me straight:

I know several gMums--myself included!--who primarily use gCloth. Flushies (officially called gRefills) are a nice option to have for traveling, if you want to use a strong, commercial diaper rash cream and don't want to risk messing up your cloth, if you get behind on diaper laundry, or for any other reason you might feel like you need to take a break from cloth. I keep a pack on-hand, but it's rare that I reach for them.
Way back when I first put the call out to my Facebook friends for gFeedback, I'd been told that because the gPouch, which provides the water-proofing for the system, was biodegradable, it could only be used a handful of times before it had to be composted, and thus would need to be replaced often. I saw that as $$$ flying away, and I needed cloth diapers to save us money. However, Jessica says she uses the same gPouches she's always had. Here's her gLaundry regimen:

I wash the 100% cotton gPants with regular laundry, on cold, and hang to dry to prevent shrinkage. The snap-in, waterproof gPouches go in zip-up, mesh garment bags to protect them from too much wear and tear, and I wash them with regular laundry on cold or warm. They're also hung to dry. And gCloth gets washed just like the cloth diaper laundry you're used to: cold pre-wash, hot wash with detergent, extra rinse. I dry them in the dryer along with my FuzziBunz inserts.
Speaking of FuzziBunz, it seems to me that there are "cloth diapering moms," and there are "gMums," and nary the twain shall meet. But Jessica assures me that gDiapers can be worked into the kind of varied stash that I like to keep.

The great thing about g's is the flexibility! If you have a favorite prefold or bamboo insert, for example, just stuff it into the gPouch! I think people focus on the idea of 'hybrid,' but add a few g's into your diaper rotation, and I'm sure you'll love them.
I took her up on her challenge, actually, and took my ever-lovin', diaper-collectin' self to the eLeMeNO-Pee store to see what colors were in stock. I came home with this pretty little thing called "Glacier Blue," and I'm using a FuzziBunz hemp insert in it for now:

Mediocre cell phone photography by yours truly, with help from the Snapseed, Picstitch, and Instagram apps.
So far, so cute!

And if I don't like it, after all? Jessica says,

Spring gStyle: Diaper + matching dress!
The resale market for g's is crazy right now! gDiapers releases new colors, prints, and gStyles (matching top and bottom sets) two times a year, and once items are not available through retailers, they're considered "Hard to Find" in gCulture... and there's a bit of chaos at that point. People fight to find them, even used. While I don't necessarily agree with this kind of pricing, I have seen some of these Hard to Find prints sell for over $200--used. Even well loved gPants in colors that are still available can sell for $8-$10, though.

So here's to seeing how this one integrates into my stash! The separating for laundry part will take me a bit to get used to, but I have to do regular old bright-colored clothes laundry anyway, right? (Cue whining about the Mt. Washmore that appeared in my laundry room the day my first baby came home from the hospital--six months before a cloth diaper ever touched his bum!)

gDiapers Headquarters says that the 'g' can stand for anything you want it to. So, today, 'g' is for, "Guess I'll give it a go!"


  1. Does the outside actually stay clean enough to use throughout the day?

  2. Liz, my kids are messy players-in-the-dirt. The gPant is 92% cotton, 8% Spandex, so it gets dirty just like their pants do, but it washes just like a t-shirt. If I need to take care to keep it clean for reuse, I suppose I could put it under pants or shorts. But I don't wanna!

  3. I meant after they pee in it. Haha, I should have specified. :)

  4. Hi, Liz, I'm just seeing this! My apologies.

    My truthful experience has been that, yes, no wetness gets on the gPant at all. When I change a gDiaper that has been soiled, I am careful not to let the parts that were soiled (the gCloth insert and the gPouch waterproof lining) touch the gPant, but my mom and husband both flop the diaper closed like they do changing a regular PUL-lined cloth diaper, and so the gPant becomes soiled and needs to be rinsed immediately.

    Changing gDiapers is definitely different if what you started with was, say, a pocket or an all-in-one. But when I'm the only one doing the diaper changes, I can get a whole day's use out of one Little gPant. :) I hope that helps!