Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We interrupt this series for a little bit of Christmas!


Close enough!

The temperatures are dropping--South Louisiana has been experiencing the blustery cold of 65-degree mornings, after all. Break out the hot cocoa!

But if you're wondering why we're seemingly skipping Fall and moving right along into the merriest season of them all, you may have missed what our CEO posted to Facebook yesterday:

That news kind of made me want to order flowers for the UPS man.

Here's the thing:

It's only been in recent months that we, as a company, have grown enough to even be able to stock this kind of limited edition stuff. If you've been a client or fan for several years, you know how disappointing it was for your consultant to have to tell you, "I'm sorry, I won't be able to get you that new, fancy print! I really wish I could!" 

But that's what's so great about sticking it out and being in this for the long-haul. These three-and-a-half long (but so short!) years, we haven't stopped steadily growing. Our product line is expanding, and we have an ever-lengthening 'wish list' of new products to look into for the future. (In fact, if you ever want to ask us to look into a brand you already love or that you're interested in trying, and you'd like to be able to purchase through your consultant or from the Lake Charles retail location, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail!)

So the future looks bright. But today, in this Christmas-y moment, we're so relieved and thrilled that these long-awaited, backordered Tots Bots EasyFits V3s are making their way to us, we're so excited and impressed that the SoftBums Calendar Bums color is a gorgeous and fashionable ebony, and we're so enthused by the response we've received lately to gDiapers, because they haven't always gotten a lot of love, and they're quickly becoming one of our most sought-after lines! 

Want to know more about these limited edition, while-supplies-last offerings? Check 'em out in these photos, courtesy of our Lake Charles representative and her iPhone, and on our Web site:

Limited Edition EasyFit commemorative Olympics prints, "London" and "Jubilee," plus "Three Little Pigs," just one of the fairy tale-themed prints in Tots Bots' new "Every Nappy Tells a Story" line:

 SoftBums' September-only Calendar Bums series Omni in stylish Ebony:

And, just in time for college football, the extra-adorable limited edition gStyle, "gUniversity":

Have you ever received 'fluffy mail'? You know that feeling of tearing into the package? Well, for us, it's every bit as exciting to receive inventory for the store as it is to receive a fluffy package on your front stoop. You can see why Monday felt like Christmas in the Home Office!

Don't forget: head to the Find a Rep page and click on your local consultant's name before loading your cart! Be sure to contact her if you have any questions about anything--that's what she's there for, after all.

Most of all, we want to say that we're utterly grateful to our clients and to our hard-working consultants, because our steady growth is a result of your loyal and enthusiastic response to our efforts to expand and improve our business model and our product selection. We wouldn't be able to offer the most fun parts of participating in the global cloth diapering community--like the special, limited edition stuff!--without you.

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