Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product Spotlight: Limited edition SoftBums colors? We are so there.

As I sit (well, stand--what mom of toddlers has a desk?) here in my kitchen with my sixteen-month old, who dons her typical uniform of t-shirt and brightly colored cloth diaper, I watch her shove a square of her own snack-time cheese into a helpless, supine, half-dressed baby doll's mouth. Next she attempts to comb Baby's hair, change her (cloth!) diaper, swaddle her, and tuck her into bed with the force of hurricane winds behind those tiny, dimpled, innocent-looking toddler hands. Her enthusiasm sure is funny. I can only think of one thing.

Is it that I really should enlist my children in helping me to carry all the scattered dolls, books, cars, and temporary tattoos back to the playroom, that nascent Land O' Toys from which the favored playthings emigrate to the dining room, only to return for brief, courteous visits to the homeland once a week?

Nerrrrrp. It's not.

Is it that I really wish I hadn't run out of sugar this morning, or that I'd at least planned my sugar-to-coffee ratio a little more wisely, because this third cup of coffee is not only room temperature (again, mother of toddlers) but also beginning to taste a little like crude oil?


Is it that I really should take care of that rotten banana smell that's coming from under the microwave (how did she get that there??) while the kids are finally playing happily?

Well, the thought crossed my mind, but it was immediately overshadowed by this other thought. I wish I were kidding.


The March 2012 color: Blueberry!

Two in cloth? A patriotic pair!
In case you've missed it, SoftBums is releasing very limited quantities of limited edition shell colors each month--Calendar Bums! This month, retailers were allowed to pre-order up to seven shells in the March color: Blueberry. So Allison, CEO and the mom behind your local rep, snatched them up! Just a few days later, she's already down to four.

Four. That's it. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Now, I'm not going to try to convince you that you need this diaper. Just a few weeks ago, I even suggested that you might give up collecting new cloth diapers for Lent.

But if you're still building your stash, or if you're a major SoftBums fan, or if you've been dying to try the SoftBums Echo, now's your chance. If you decide it's not your favorite, you can re-sell it: rare, out-of-production colors and prints, especially in popular diapers like SoftBums, retain their value remarkably.

(Embarrassing Confession Time: when the Rocky Mountain Diapers cow print had been out of production for about a year and I was an eLeMeNO-Pee representative, I paid more for one of those suckers used than I paid for new inventory straight from the Home Office. I won't even tell you how embarrassingly close to retail I came to paying for a two-year old diaper--hey, it was in great shape!)

SoftBums Echos are high-quality, made-in-the-USA, microfleece-lined, stay-dry All-in-Twos that are 100% adjustable. Your local rep can show you the patented Slide-2-Size adjustment feature that guarantees you can always achieve a perfect fit on your baby, from birth to potty-training. The whole concept is actually really amazing, and this is a one-size option that doesn't require much guesswork about fitting.

No, you probably don't need this cloth diaper if you've already got a full stash. But it will, like all your cloth diapers, last, oh, ten thousand times longer than a disposable diaper, and it will make you smile every time you look at it, because you'll know. You'll know that there's no such thing as wasting money when it comes to cloth, because you didn't pay money for trash.

If you want one of these limited edition Blueberry Echos (or one of the two remaining February Firecracker Reds!), hurry up and head to our Rep Finder, click your rep's name, and place your order. Remember, there are only four available. Well, three.

My daughter looks really cute in blue.

Do you have more than one diapered child? Watch how easy it is to adjust SoftBums diapers so that they can be shared by your two in cloth!

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