Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who's ready for a (minky) makeover?

"Makeover" is the word of the month for us, it seems! We have new owners, a new home office and storefront, a new Web site and blog, a new look.

The business concept's the same, though. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Our representatives continue to own their own small businesses, serving their local communities by educating about the many benefits of using cloth diapers and helping families make the switch with confidence, all while contributing to their family's finances.

But, you know, back to makeovers!

I do my best to keep a finger on the pulse of the larger cloth diapering community. It's not a difficult thing to do--sometimes I think Facebook and Twitter may as well be bought out by DiaperSwappers. Is that just my feeds? Oh.

But here's the thing: lots of families who delve into cloth diapering and really, you know,
get into it, choose not to use microfiber terry for absorbency. For all its benefits--it's cheap to manufacture and thus cheap to retail, and it absorbs well without an extensive prepping routine--many families feel like microfiber is at the root of any cloth diapering problems they're having. And it's true, microfiber terry's high-pile loop structure does seem to hold onto mineral deposits (from water during washing or from urine) especially well, and, well, ew. Stinky. If it's something that affects your family, it's nothing to shrug off. That can be enough to make you quit cloth!

If you're also facing compression leaking or you're frustrated by the bulk of a microterry-stuffed pocket on your newborn, well, yeah. You know, I can see why experienced cloth diapering families are hopping off the microfiber train!

What if I told you that one cloth diaper manufacturer, an industry leader, has a solution? A solution that isn't
quite as inexpensive as microfiber, but is more affordable than organic cotton and hemp and doesn't require the prepping that natural fibers do?

Look! Synthetic, absorbent fibers that are soft to the touch, slide easily into a pocket (y'all, the new FuzziBunz PUL is stickier than it used to be--I have to wonder if that's why they came up with this minky insert concept!), are half as thick as a four-layer microterry insert, and absorb JUST as well!

Yes, it's real! And it's as nice as it claims to be! I've been switching my microfiber-insert pocket stash over to a minky-insert pocket stash paycheck by paycheck, a pack of three inserts per month, and, y'all. I can't even explain how nice they are. I didn't realize how rough microfiber can be on the hands until I started my makeover. It's pretty awesome for washing my car or scrubbing spilled macaroni off the kitchen floor, and it's always been
fine for diapers, but I gotta say I prefer the minky by leaps and bounds.

And it's just not that much more expensive than the microfiber terry you're used to.

Now, if you're new to cloth or just getting ready to make the switch, there's good news: the FuzziBunz Elite One-Size diaper comes with two fabulously trim minky inserts.

But what if you've already got a stash of pocket diapers and you're fed up with microfiber?

That's where the makeover comes in!

The minky makeover, that is!

I gave your local rep a little love up there. You were probably thinking, "Oh, there she goes again, plugging those local reps. I wish she'd get on with it! What's her point?"

My point is that you should call her!

That's because through Valentine's Day, she'll give you 5% off when you pre-order a pack of FuzziBunz minky inserts in any size, and you can start to give your stash a minky makeover.